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Welcome to the Carrollton Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association

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Citizen Patrol, Making Carrollton A Safer Community

  • We're extra eyes and ears for the Carrollton Police Department.
  • We patrol the city looking for potential problems as well as criminal activity, and we immediately report them to the police.
  • We're volunteers.
  • Our training is provided by the Carrollton Police Department, we carry police radios and use specially marked Citizen Patrol cars provided by the Police Deptartment.
  • We're citizens of the City of Carrollton, and we're interested in helping to keep our city safe and a pleasant place to live and work.

Joining the Carrollton Citizen Patrol


You are eligible to become a member of the Carrollton Citizen Patrol if you are 21 or older, a Carrollton resident and have graduated from the Carrollton Citizen Police Academy.  In addition, you must be willing to devote at least eight hours per month to Citizen Patrol activities.


Each candidate must attend a 12-hour class after the Citizen Police Adademy. Topics include Patrol Procedures and Techniques, Police Dispatch procedures, Legal Issues, and Environmental Health Concerns. After having completed the class, candidates must spend four hours observing operations in Police Dispatch, and four hours riding with a police officer as an observer. New patroll members will then be asked to patrol with an experienced patrol member before going out on their own. All citizen patrols are conducted with two man patrols.

To E-mail us Click here: Citizens On Patrol or call at 972-466-3281 for more information.